Is the Wheel Bipolar?

By Lucia del Mar

It is very common, every time we find this card to automatically associate it with the fate of the querent, good or bad depending on the position of the wheel. Or, talk about cycles that change, what goes up must come down, everything down must come up. However, we do not necessarily need classify the card and condemn it to speak only of luck. This card has so much more to offer, let's see some options.

As for health, a friend of mine Mariana Aguilar, once said that the wheel's shape spoke to her of a person with obesity problems. Which makes sense, jokes aside, the counterpart of the wheel that is in constant motion would be serious lack of action or inactivity. One of the most common causes associated with weight problems.

Another thing you can get from the wheel is the instability of the wheel as such, without a proper support goes to one side and then the other, could end up anywhere. From this alone we can draw several options. On the one hand the lack of confidence in their own abilities to choose from. The constant indecision, doubt that makes change our first choice, just in case ... On the other hand speed, which speaks of a certain
cyclothymia, even a bipolar person (for lack of a better term). Today I want this, then I don't, I am happy, and then sad. No hinting at the poles, because the wheel has no poles, but the change of direction, decision or mood, which is not necessarily opposed, rather different. Not making reference to the poles, because the wheel has no poles, but  to the change of direction, decision or mood, which is not necessarily oppose to one another but are rather different in nature.

We could also be talking about addictions that do not want to end or can not leave. A vicious circle, the cycle repeats endlessly, in this case we should analyze the surrounding cards for details, could be a situation, a relationship or an actual addiction.

Obviously these, are my personal views on the wheel card, applied to certain situations, this does not mean that every time you get a wheel you are dealing with a sedentary person or bipolar syndrome. Nor does it mean it's wrong or old-fashioned reading this card as a change in the life cycle of the querent.

How else could you associate the wheel to other unusual situations, Feel like sharing your own views?