To charge or not to charge...

To charge or no to charge...
By Lucia del Mar

This is a hotly debated topic with several agreements and disagreements and arguments for and against. Among those who are against charging for readings we read that spiritual work is not to be charged, a reader has a gift and should not charge for it; the tarot readers are enlightened beings who receive messages from God and / or spirits and should not charge for the divine messages. Among the arguments supporting the charged readings ... well some say you should do an energy exchange, other than not paying generate bad karma, but mmmm ...

Let us see first a definition of Gift, and the difference between Fortune-teller and Tarot Reader.


1. Something that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation: received several gifts for my birthday. Your gift of $100 is greatly appreciated.
2. The act of giving: The painting came into their possession by gift.
3. talent, endowment, aptitude, or inclination: She has a gift for playing the piano.

We will take the last definition, talent, endowment, aptitude, or inclination. In general terms an actor, painter, sculptor, football player, etc are somehow gifted. In fact anyone good at their craft does, because it has learned. While it is true that talent and skills to one or another professions come more naturally to some people than others, it is also true that they must be cultivated and polished through practice and study and training; because what good is his gift to the musician if he will never play an instrument and does not know how it works ?.
The one who has not studied, who only takes the cards and can "see" or capture information regardless of the meaning of these or use them as a vehicle to trigger clairvoyance is not a tarotist, but a fortuneteller. And although he/she has not studied devotes his/her time and energy on each reading.

A tarot reader  is the person interprets the message of the cards based on established meanings, adding his/her intuition and personal experience. As in other professions, the tarot reader has been formed. The ability to read the cards must be learned as each arcana has a general meaning  pre-set and universal, and yet to know them all is not enough. One must learn to adapt the meaning of each card to the current situation or issue, understand the combinations, and decipher hidden messages, and a lot of symbols regardless of the tarot deck you have chosen. Many learn other Mancias and complementary disciplines to give a more complete reading, like astrology, kabbalah, numerology ... Some of these extra skills are expensive to learn and, beyond the money invested, we must note the time, a time that will not turn back and generally removed from our free hours that are, sometimes  very few.

Then, the tarot reader is no divine being, is just a human being who has studied, that sometimes becomes a counselor and, why not, somewhat therapist, because there is a therapeutic kind of tarot that needs a certain knowledge on psychology. With all the time and money you have invested in cultivating this 'gift', grace or ability, it is only fair to receive remuneration for the service provided.

Charge a reading ...
Its ok, but not because of the bad karma or for much needed energy exchange, simply because who reads has decided that all studies, effort and time have a value; according to the investment made and continue to make, for a tarot reader is in constant learning.
Whatever price the reader chooses is ok too, as long as its stipulated and clear from the beginning, that is; You could charge $ 300 for your reading then,  the querant will see if he/she should pay or not, if it works for you or not. What is totally wrong (and sorrily very common) is to offer free readings and ask for money after some excuse like "you are hexed"; "You' will have bad karma if you do not pay"

No to charge a reading ...
Is't totally acceptable too, it is a personal choice, the problem comes when people wants to impose it on others. I know many people who claim to have gifts of God (which I will not discuss in this article) and therefore do not charge for their services. But they also try to force others to do the same by dint of moral questionings. But what about pagan tarot readers? Where does their gift come from, it is ok for them to charge because they are no from God??

Charge or not to charge: the issue is personal, and each one of you will see how you value the hard work. The truth is, that tarot, as well as many other services that are not really necessary for life such as water or food, is a luxury. As luxury, if I want to give myself  one I have three options; I pay for it, I find one that fits my economic situation or I do not give myself that luxury.