Tarot readings; what we expect vs what really is...

Expectations vs Reality
By Lucia del Mar

After a reading, I like to ask my quérant how they felt about it, did it met their expectations? Often the answer is the same "certainly is not what I expected at all". Well... so what is usually expected of a reading...of a reader. Anything, but a person quietly drawing its cards without ceremonials, without smoke and lights and rituals; with or without the whole 'setting’, Some times I had to read at parties, in the middle of high music and tingling lights, some on girls night. Some readers you can see on the streets, on markets and fairs... So, why the surprise?

This, in part its because of general image Hollywood y television sells about tarot and its readers, in part do to the image some readers like to give about themselves.
In part superstition and in part fantasy; a lot of people seems to believe, that tarot readers are spiritual, enlightened beings in direct contact with the divine entities... And of course there is always our own ideas on how a tarot reading will or must be...

How is a reading then?  if we have to tell how it technically works; it will consist of three important parts. The Querant, the Question and the tarot reader with its cards.  The querant will come to the reader with its question or inquiry properly said.  The reader will be an interpreter between the querant and the cards, no intermediaries, no alien powers,spirits, angels demons or gods. just the reader and the cards, which message will be read according to the general established meanings, and personal experience; and the answer translated to a language the consultant can understand and act accordingly.  Sooo... what about the rest?

The rest is secondary, a teacher i.e, it knows its job, and can do it almost anywhere; under any circumstance. Still there are some basic needs and preferences that must address: a comfortable space, students etc...Same goes to any craft into which, of course, Tarot is included. It can be read anywhere in almost any situations, and at the, same time each tarot reader-interpreter will have its ways and tastes. Some like candles and and incense, some functional music. Some others like dim lights, dark colors and mystery atmosphere...

It will all depend on the reader's taste and preferences. For comfort, be it personal or for the consultant, for personal choices or even believes... Then, of course; there is also the tarot reader who is not a reader at all, those like staging Hollywood style. This does not mean all reader who 'set' a special place to read are scammers or that all who prefer the austere side are all great readers, but generally (GENERALLY) the bigger the setting, the bigger the distraction generated over the querant when the time comes to see the quality of the reading. 

So, next time you sit for a reading, remember the basics, no matter where and how it is done, no matter the setting and mystery, if you come out with a clear answer then the reading was good.