Tarot; the new Gossip girl

Tarot; The new gossip girl?
By Lucia del Mar

We were discussing today, in a dear friend's group, about tarot and the use people gives it today. . .
Usually you would ask tarot things that are important or will have a great impact on your life, like 'is this new job a good decision, should I travel, can I save my marriage, etc'.

Tho its also true the we have this curiosity and not always went to the reader because we had a life changing event, we some times went to see a tarot reader to know what is all about, to ask things like 'does he/she think of me', to see if the reader could guess our past or foretell our future. For in all honest truth, we are just nosey, inquisitive human beings. And this whole mystery halo and superstition that surrounds tarot cards, tickles us very deeply.

Tho we are still moved by all this, social media has given life a different focus. Where a common problem was talked amongst friends, now is all posted on facebookr, tinder and whatever other social net there is out there. And things like the neighbor's sexual inclinations now became a trending topic on this new virtual 'parallel' life we seem to live. Where do I head with this, well its no news that tarot has also made use of this 'spreading tool' social media offers, I myself am using it now by typing this words. So where do we go? to the numerous questions I receive every week to my inbox:

How will X react to C facebook post?
Does N check L facebook profile?
Is B gay?
Is T pregnant? who is the father?

I can keep typing all night, the amount of vane, silly even ridiculous questions ppl seems to ask now as an important life changing question, and they expect you to answer with solemnity and honesty... really?... Personally, for that kind of questions I dont even take my deck out, if you want to know if your neighbor is gay, by all means go ask him yourself!!!

Tarot is a guide, it will help you understand things, possible outcomes, cope up with events you have no control over, heal yourself... Its not to hear about the last facebook gossip. So when you are going to make a question, make sure to answer this questions to yourself first.

How is this information going to help me or help my situation?
Will it help me at all?
Is this really my business?

It is ok to be curious, we all are, its also fun, specially amongst friends (I know about that ;) ), the problem comes when we try to make use of tarot to find out things that are none of our business and which information is only midwives gossip...